Meet the Artist

photo of Sandra Callander

Hey there! I’m Sandra, thanks for popping by!

I’ve dabbled in many different creative pursuits over the years but I think it’s fair to say that no medium has quite captured my imagination so much as polymer clay has. 

In the early months of 2020 I began painting mandala stones as a means to keep my mind from dwelling on current events. I spent hours every day placing colourful dots of acrylic paint onto rocks. I sold a few but the majority of them were left behind for others to find while out on my daily walk with my dog. My only goal was to make people smile during those uncertain times.

In June of 2020 my daughter mentioned to me she was beginning to make polymer clay earrings and I was immediately intrigued. My first order of clay and a few tools arrived at the beginning of July and by the end of that month my paints had been completely abandoned.

Cane making captured my attention early on and it’s still featured prominently in my designs. I can spend many happy hours building patterns—most often botanical themed—with clay, stretching the design out, making it smaller, cutting off thin slices and laying them out side by side in a repeated pattern. But no matter what technique I’m working with you can safely assume there will be plenty of colour (I don’t do neutral) and some kind of pattern or texture involved.

Whether it’s something for you to wear or something for your home, my creations are for people with a unique sense of style, who enjoy life and all its adventures, and who appreciate quality, handmade products.

And my goal is still to make things that make people smile.